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Scrabble Blast! 2.86

Scrabble Blast brings you this classic game, as challenging and fun as ever
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Scrabble Blast, developed by Funkitron, brings you this all-time favourite word game with a number of new features, and as challenging and fun as ever.
Playing Scrabble is really fun and easy, apart from being educational and suitable for all family members.
What you have to do is to connect adjacent tiles and form words, with no less than three letters. Of course, if you manage to form larger words your score will improve and you may even get a new and higher rank, being newbie the lowest. You will need a lot of concentration since there is seven letter word somewhere to discover.
In Scrabble Blast, there are three game modes to play, each one with a different challenge. The 1 Bag mode, provides you with one hundred tiles, to form as many words as you can with that amount of tiles. The Puzzle mode in turn, introduces the dangerous bomb tiles, that you have to use in words, otherwise, if they reach the bottom of the screen and remained unused, they will explode and the game is over. The last mode, called Action, challenges your speed to make up words as quickly as possible, before the bomb tiles reach the bottom. As with all classic games, you will never get tired of playing Scrabble; it is so fun and addictive it will keep you coming back for more.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Educational and entertaining
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